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7th mini Interview with a Byzantine academic from Mexico.

Rory studies Byzantium in the center of Greek studies at the University of Chile.

Do the people in your country learn(how) or know anything about Byzantium?

Hi, my name is Rory and I’m from Mexico City. In my country the Byzantine Studies are a mystery, nobody knows what is this, no one knows what Byzantium is, very few people are interested in the topic and they’re people who chose classical literature as professional studies.

How did you first learn about Byzantium and what did you like about it?

I learned about Byzantium because I chose a topic for an academic work that’s related to Hagia Sophia and its architecture, so first I had to graduate in classical studies and then look for classes on Byzantine studies at another university outside of Mexico.

I enrolled in a diploma at the University of Chile, since in addition to that country, only Granada in Spain has courses on the Byzantine Empire.

What is your favorite story/period/ emperor?

My favorite period in Byzantine history is the government of Justinian I but in general, I am also passionate about the fall of Constantinople and the death of Constantine XI Palaiologos.

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