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A fan of Byzantine history from Chile (interview)

This time, we asked our usual three questions to justinianusthegreat who is from Chile.

Do the people in your country learn(how) or know anything about Byzantium?

Here in Chile, we study more Chilean history than any other. In the 7th grade, we learn about Ancient Greece & Rome and the Middle ages, but teachers barely mention Byzantium. I mean, they speak a bit about Justinian the Great and the fall of Constantinople. (But they don't mention Constantine XI) They don't teach about other Byzantine dynasties like the Palaiologan one or the Macedonian. That makes me angry because without Byzantium the world would be so much different.

How did you first learn about Byzantium and what did you like about it? What is your favourite story/period/ emperor?

I began loving Byzantium at 13 (now I'm 19) and my favorite emperor is Justinian I, but I love others like Basil II, Heraclius, Theophilos, Romanos I, Alexios I, Constantine IX, Michael VIII, and Constantine XI.

My nickname at school was Justinianus btw.

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