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Basil Basileus series

1.  A test of loyalty
2. nothos
3. the son of Cappadocia 4. June 2024
5.  June 2025

Issues published:

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Byzantines at war
Bardas Phokas Bardas Skleros
Βάρδας Φωκάς
Greek fire
Αυτοκράτειρα Θεοφανώ
Ιωάννης Τσιμισκής και Σβιατοσλαύος
Βασίλειος Β' ως παιδί
About Basil Basileus

the historical background
read before starting the 1st issue

971 A.D

Emperor John Tzimiskes rules in the name of the two purple-born emperors who are still underage. He represents the powerful provincial military aristocracy that is trying to dominate Eastern Roman politics.


The Vikings are here

The Rus/Varangians, the "Vikings" of the East have long heard about these tales of the legendary city called Miklagard(Constantinople). The rivers have taken them South and they are ready to confront the Roman armies in Danube.


The Roman army has arrived.

Although the Romans do not possess anymore the prestige and might of the old Roman legions, they still field the best available land forces in their region. Just like a modern football team, they hire the best available mercenaries from all around the world to create a deterring war machine consisted of local thematic troops (provincial troops) and the professional Roman Tagmatic troops (standing army).


Basil Porphyrogenitus.

Basil is the son of Emperor Romanos and Augusta Theophano. His father is dead and his mother is exiled. Yet, he is still considered the legitimate heir to the Roman throne. But who can guarantee his right to the throne when there is no hereditary succession law?


The Queen of cities

The Romans were so proud of Constantinople that they called it Queen of Cities. In 971 A.D few people in Europe could argue with that statement.


Three Emperors but only one throne.

No that's not confusing. This is an age when the Romans have more than one Emperors. Usually, there is one senior Emperor who holds real power and the junior emperors who are equal only in name.

Book blurb about Basil Basileus



Emperor Basil II Porphyrogenitus or as he was later nicknamed, the Bulgar-slayer, is a unique case in Byzantine history. An orphan boy who, against all odds, ended up ruling the Roman empire at its cultural and political zenith.


However, the constant changes in the medieval world, didn't ensure a peaceful reign. On the contrary, this is a time of civil wars, palace intrigue, and external threats, East, and West.

Experience a visual time travel to the exciting world of the medieval Romans and their capital Constantinople. Each panel drawn by Chrysa Sakel hides a lot of historical, artistic, and cultural elements which reflect the splendor of this unique civilization that we now call Byzantine.

The early life of one of the most famous Byzantine Emperors comes alive in this new comic book series written by Theocharis Spyros. A story of growing up and realizing that adulthood is really hard to cope with even for emperors...

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