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A new Byzantine fiction series about an
undead Byzantine knight who comes 
back to life to find his wife.

Coming soon! 

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page from the comic book "Cataphract"
Κατάφρακτος κόμικ

Behind the

Scenario and art.

by Nikos Papamichael.

In the year 1176… The Komnenian dynasty rules the Eastern Roman Empire. The Emperor Manuel Komnenos has decided to attack the Seljuk Turks in his effort to reclaim Eastern Asia Minor. On the 17th of September, Nikephoros Akropolites , an imperial army cataphract and a scion of a family of soldiers, falls dead during the battle. His final thoughts revolve around his wife Anna and he will do anything for a chance to see her again…



 Cataphract: The Byzantine Heavily armored cavalry unit. First, the Parthians introduced this type of military unit to the west. The Persians, the Greeks and the Romans deployed cataphracts as well. Their body armor was called Klivanion. It consisted of metal plates sewn together with horizontal leather stripes. Their main weapon was the kontarion (spear). They also used the apelatikion (iron mace)and a sword. Some of them were equipped with a bow as well. The disciplined charge of the fully armored cataphracts was powerful and evoked fear among their enemies.

Νίκος Παπαμιχαήλ



Nikos Papamichael is an architect and has attended comic seminars at the Drawing Workshop and the Vakalo School. His love for myths and fantasy led him to choose the art of comics to tell his own stories. In 2019 he published his first official publication 'The Bard', published by WebComics.

Facebook: Aetherian Tales - Instagram: aetherian_tales

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