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200 years after the outbreak of the Greek war of independence

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The Philike Hetaireia
Alexandros Ipsilantis
Ιερός Λόχος


“It’s an amazing, esthetically appealing, graphic novel about events and people who paved the way for the independence and glory of Greece. The events and the heroes are depicted in a simple, comprehensible and historically truthful manner. Art and fiction are combined with history and the final result is impressive!”

"It’s an honor towards the leader of the Greek war of independence ,Alexander Ypsilantis, and all those who fought with him. This book brought back memories of my trip to the places where Alexander Ypsilantis and the Sacred band sacrificed themselves. From Chisinau to Dragashani and the river Prut."

"The readers of this book will have an opportunity to travel back in time at the beginning the Greek war of independence and learn a lot about its protagonists."


Georgios I. Sourlas

Ex-minister - Vice President of the Hellenic parliament 

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