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The English version of Basil Basileus 2 is available.

You can buy it from Amazon: Click here

The events surrounding the eventful life of one of the most famous historical figures of Byzantine history continue with the second part of “Basil Basileus” comic book series.

“Nothos” is narrated by the eunuch Basil Lekapenos, the leader of the Byzantine Senate. He is the uncle of the young emperor Basil and he holds the real power in the medieval Roman Empire.

Unsatisfied with the current balance of power, emperor Basil seeks allies to help him take the reins of power. Are Ariadne and Nikephoros Ouranos the people who will help him restrict Lekapenos’ influence in the palace?

While the two Basils struggle for dominance, a bigger threat looms in the East. General Bardas Skleros has been proclaimed emperor in the city of Melitene and with a powerful army, he’s marching toward Constantinople to claim the Roman throne.

Back cover note by Nikolaos Tsivikis

In this comic book, drawn by Chrysavgi Sakellaropoulou and written by Spyros Theocharis, the usually boring Byzantine stories become colorful adventures on paper where the action-packed plot and the dark destiny of the main characters meet the medieval Roman state's accuracy of the artistic production of its material culture. In “Basil Basileus” almost the entirety of Asia Minor, its natural and urban landscape, come together in order to make the reader perceive the geographical and national size and wealth of the medieval state we conventionally name Byzantium.

Nikolaos Tsivikis

Byzantine Archaeologist

Institute of Mediterranean Studies

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