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From the creators of Theophano: A Byzantine tale, comes a new graphic novel that pays homage to the unsung heroes of the Greek war of independence of 1821.


In an era when events such as the French Revolution and the American war of Independence have successfully awakened the nations of Europe, the old empires try to maintain a status quo by denouncing and suppressing all the revolutionary movements across the European continent.


However, in the southeastern corner of Europe, a small nation that has for centuries been the subject of the powerful Ottoman Empire is about to challenge this status quo by going against the wishes of the Great Powers and proclaiming that this national struggle is going to end up in Freedom or Death.


Read about the events that led to the outbreak of the Greek war of independence through the fascinating story of Alexander Ypsilantis, the Phanariot prince who grew up far away from his homeland with the dream of liberating Greece, the war hero of the Napoleonic wars, the general who sacrificed himself in order to light the flame of the revolution in Greece.

The plot features the contribution of the 19th-century Greek diaspora through the actions of Ioannes Kapodistrias who would later become the first governor of Greece, The Friendly Society, which secretly prepared the upcoming revolution, and the legendary sacrifice of the Sacred Band in the historic battle of Dragashani in modern Romania.

1821: The.beginning of a Revolution


“It’s an amazing, esthetically appealing, graphic novel about events and people who paved the way for the independence and glory of Greece. The events and the heroes are depicted in a simple, comprehensible and historically truthful manner. Art and fiction are combined with history and the final result is impressive!”

​"It’s an honor towards the leader of the Greek war of independence ,Alexander Ypsilantis, and all those who fought with him. This book brought back memories of my trip to the places where Alexander Ypsilantis and the Sacred band sacrificed themselves. From Chisinau to Dragashani and the river Prut."

"The readers of this book will have an opportunity to travel back in time at the beginning the Greek war of independence and learn a lot about its protagonists."


                                           Georgios I. Sourlas

                   Ex-minister - Vice President of the Hellenic parliament 

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