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Byzantine recipes in Southern Italy

The cultural influence of Byzantium is still alive in many of the customs of Southern Italy and in particular of Calabria.

In Reggio di Calabria (Rigio) this particular sweet is called cudduraci (a corruption of the greek word 'κουλουράκι').

It is consumed on Easter Monday, which in the local dialect is called Pascuni.

As in our Easter buns, the egg is placed in the 'belly'. For the people of Katowice it is a fertility wish.

*Calabria was Byzantine territory for about 6 centuries, thus contributing to the preservation of the Greek-speaking population of the region. Even today there are (few now) who speak a local dialect called Grecanica.

Το cuduraci ή κουλουράκι ή αλλιώς τσουρέκι. Μια Βυζαντινή συνταγή στη σημερινή Ιταλία
The Easter brioche of Southern Italy that has ancient and Byzantine roots

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