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A fairytale marriage that goes terribly wrong, a ruling dynasty struggling to keep everything together by having overly ambitious eunuchs do the dirty work, and prominent Roman generals who dream of taking the throne for themselves.


This explosive mixture of occurrences takes place in the 10th century Medieval Roman Empire (aka The Byzantine Empire). An era of territorial resurgence and massive Imperial extravagance, but also an era of dynastic intrigues and endless plotting for the ultimate prize. The Byzantine throne.


During that time, Anastasia , a common girl, marries the heir to the throne, enters the palace and becomes Theophano an ambitious woman ready to climb the ladder of power and sacrifice herself for her children.


Based on real historical events, this epic graphic novel offers an immersion into a forgotten world. The world of the medieval Romans who survived up until the Middle Ages with their capital, Constantinople "the Queen of all cities" serving as a second Rome.

(Αγγλική έκδοση) Theophano: A Byzantine Tale (Signed Copy)

20,00 €Τιμή

Theophano brings history to life in colours that gloriously pop off the page. I loved the details of historical authenticity that are embedded in it, and how the story of these military men swirled around the personality of a strong-willed woman. 

Anthony Caldellis, Professor and Chair of Classics, The Ohio State University.


"At the peak of Byzantium's power, the throne is held by an ordinary woman. Theophano tells her story as she matches wits with the ministers and generals who circle like vultures. Beautifully drawn and richly coloured. See Byzantium come to life!"

Robin Pierson "The history of Byzantium podcast"




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