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Following the graphic novel "Theophano a Byzantine tale", artist Chrysa Sakel and writer Theocharis Spyros present a new riveting comic book story based on the era of the medieval Romans and the legend of the Bulgar-slayer.

War is looming in Byzantium!
The murder of Emperor Phokas and the crowning of general Tzimiskes has brought about a rift within the dominant faction of Byzantium, the military aristocracy of the provinces.

Representing Byzantium's bureaucrats, prime minister Basil Lekapenos supports the bid to the throne of the two legitimate, but underage heirs to the Roman throne, Basil and Constantine. Basil, the older one, is still unaware of the destiny that awaits him...

Romans vs Vikings
Meanwhile, news coming from the north about an invading grand army of Eastern Vikings, known as Varangians or Rus, mobilizes the Roman army. After this epic clash, Sigurd, a Varangian, finds himself in Constantinople, a city of unprecedented splendor and endless riches. Soon, he will have to choose sides. Not based on righteousness or morality but on "A test of loyalty."

Immerse yourselves into the world of Byzantium, the last carriers of the Greco-roman legacy. A game for the most illustrious throne in the Medieval era.

(Αγγλική έκδοση) Basil Basileus : 1. A Test of Loyalty

15,00 €Τιμή
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