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9th mini interview with a Greek historical re-enactor.

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

I am a military historian, published scholar on the byzantine army, and a historical re-enactor, leader of the Protospatharii team.

1) What's your favourite Byzantine Emperor?

My favorite Emperor of Constantinople is Alexios I Komnenos, because of how well he fared on every single subject of governance, politics and warfare. He was a great warrior and general and a perfect statesman at the same time.

2) What's your favourite Byzantine period?

My favorite period of Byzantium is any period from mid-13th to mid-15th century, just because that is when Mystras was built and I would so much love to live there in the Byzantine times.

3) Why should people study Byzantium?

There are many reasons why someone should study the Byzantine civilisation. One reason that applies particularly to modern Greeks, is that they can never truly understand who they are today unless they study Byzantium. But the most important reason, and one that applies universally to every person that studies the byzantine world in the modern age, is that byzantine civilisation, culture, religion, and worldview provide the answers and solutions to many modern political and social problems.

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