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Αrchangel Michael in Hagia Sophia

Perhaps the most beautiful of all the exhibits in the treasury of St. Mark is the relief image of the Archangel Michael.

It was created with the repoussè technique (embossed metalwork) during the golden age of the Macedonian emperors. (like many in the 10th to 11th century AD)

The Archangel wears a diadem and an imperial belt. In his hand, he holds a scepter. Everything is decorated with precious stones. If one pays attention, there are incredible details that highlight the ability of the artisans of Istanbul.

As a brigadier general, Archangel Michael was greatly admired. In Mega Revma / Sosthenion there was a large church and a monastery complex called Michaelion.

It was founded by M. Konstantinos himself. Michaelion as a village maintained its "Byzantine" character until recently.

Τhe icon/panel of the archangel is located in Venice

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