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Dr. Anthony Kaldellis interviewed us in his podcast "Byzantium and friends". For those who don't know, he is a professor and chair of Classics at the University of Ohio. He is also known for his books about Byzantium such as "The Romanland" and "A cabinet of Byzantine curiosities".

Chrysa speaks about the artistic part of the graphic novel, the inspirations, and the historical research conducted to come up with this result.

Spyros analyzes the historical background regarding the scenario, his influences from pop culture, Tolkien and the Game of Thrones.


Interview about Theophano
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our interview on fanbase press 


You can read the interview in the link below and you can also find it posted on the blog section:


Special thanks to Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief Barbra Dillon for conducting this interview and for exposing our graphic novel to a wider audience. 

A special part of this interview is Chrysa's answer about the #Storiesmatter initiative and the impact of the story of Theophano on the reader.

interview in english and italian for ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE BYZANTION

An interview in English and Italian for Associazione culturale Byzantion and Emanuele Rizzardi the author of "The Usurper" and L’ Ultimo Paleologo, two Byzantine historical novels. In it, we answer some questions beyond the historical context of the graphic novel. Sharing some thoughts on Romanness and its existence in modern Greek society.

Read it here:assobyzantion

Theophano features on Greek city times



Click on the link to read the article: Greek City Times

Pic from the day of the presentation of the Graphic novel


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